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TUESDAY 2 OCT 2018 / 10am - 1pm / $90 + GST

HSC Visual Arts students are invited to join experienced HSC Visual Arts teacher and studio owner, Mel Kendrick Rix, in a BODY OF WORK SPROUT SESSION. Students will be given strong skills in concept building techniques to establish a clear direction in starting their B.O.W in the first week of the HSC year! Mel will help students pin point their strongest material practice that also best matches their Concept.

Students don’t need to arrive to this session with a fully developed concept as a strong focus will be aimed at discovering and planning this in the workshop. The Sprout Session will have:

  • A strong focus on the HSC syllabus and marking advice on what grades well. What the markers LOVE! How to get the best results!

  • Mel will lead the students in concept discovery and development skills and activities

  • A strong focus will be on giving students a one on one concept building session in the second part of the workshop.

“We saw that our past students who attended this workshop found their HSC year to be more organised, the students had more confidence in their direction and very much ready to start working on their BOW as soon as they arrived back to school. The student’s concepts were stronger and clearer then those students who didn’t attend the Sprout Session. This is highly recommended for students who want to achieve the best results they can in the HSC Visual Arts course.” LIBBY JACKSON, Head of Visual Arts, Shire Christian School.

ALSO… ONE OFF STUDIO is looking to start weekly after school: HSC + YR11 STUDIO SESSIONS!!

Students will be given studio space to work, Body Of Work mentoring as well as a strong focus on Syllabus outcomes. Students will grow in technique, conceptual strength and confidence. Students will be given HSC Examination and Body Of Work tuition that will support and build upon classroom content! Please let Mel know if you are interested and we will form a class and get started!

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